MAH-ZH 14-5 und 16-5 120 3D

MAH-ZH 16.5/120

Axle and Transmission Jack Hanging telescopic jack with 16500 kg load capacity

VP 454225

  • The telescopic pit jack is track-guided at the upper edge of the pit for easy movement, even under load
  • Universal jack for lifting high loads and flexible component removal thanks to large travel
  • Very flat double telescopic lift for the removal of large components from the vehicle
  • Optimal foot control for rapid and power stroke for better control of the load and the pit jack
  • Pneumatic quick control facilitates fast post lift to the load uptake point
  • Flexible pit jack remote control for installation works and access from both sides of the pit (optional)
  • Discharge spindle with dead man's control enables particularly delicate/precise and secure discharge of the pit lift
  • Cylinder retraction is supported through compressed air. This means that vehicles can drive off the pit without obstruction.
  • Delivery only with filled-in dimension sheet to adjust the pit jack to the existing pit
  • Customised carriage ensures a precise fit for the existing working pit
  • All rollers feature needle bearings in transverse and longitudinal direction to facilitate easy movement
  • Compressed air maintenance unit with inspection opening for monitoring oil and water levels to maximise the service life of the pit jack
  • Inspection window for controlling oil quality and water content in the pit jack
  • Protective covers for all control elements, piping, compressed air motors and moveable elements
  • Tool storage in the handle
  • Piston rods are hard chromium plated, and to prevent rust in the jack, the inside is flushed with hydraulic oil with every complete lift.
  • A high-quality powder coating offers protection against aggressive liquids and adds to the high-quality aesthetic of the products

Standard Delivery:

  • Pit jack with hanging carriage
  • Rapid control and compressed air motor
  • Standard supports 120 x 120 mm
  • Inner flange rollers
  • Operating manual and test log
  • EC conformity certificate CE
  • Type tested

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DE | EN | ES | FR
MAH-ZH 16.5 120
DE | EN | ES | FR
Technical data
Load capacity CE16500 kg
Full travel1200 mm
Track width inner dimensions750 mm - 1200 mm
Ram diameter70 mm / 115 mm
Diameter of supports inside/outside45 mm / 70 mm
Motor max.350 l/min 10 bar
Operating pressure254 bar
Weight400 kg
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