Brake Testing Technology

Brake testing technology is essentially used to test the effectiveness of motor vehicle brake systems. Depending on the application, roller brake testers or decelerometers are used for this purpose. These are available in various versions for different types of vehicle and structural requirements.

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Brake Testing Technology - MAHA MBT 2250

Lifting Technology

Lifts are an indispensable part of vehicle workshops and testing organisations. Dialogue reception, maintenance, repairs, wheel alignment checks and visual vehicle inspections are all only possible on a lifted vehicle. MAHA offers a complete range of different lift types for all requirements.

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Vehicle Testing Technology

Vehicle testing technology encompasses products for testing shock absorption and wheel alignment as well as for axle and joint play. Diagnostic devices such as sound level meters and closing force sensors also contribute to the targeted assessment of a vehicle’s condition.

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Performance Measurement Technology

Performance measurement involves the measurement of a vehicle's engine power. In addition to classic performance measurement, which includes the recording of engine power, torque, engine speed and vehicle velocity, testers also offer extensive diagnostic possibilities in load simulation.

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Emission Measurement Technology

Emission measurement is the measuring of CO concentration, or, in the case of diesel powered vehicles, smoke opacity. This determines whether a vehicle's exhaust system is in optimal condition and complies with legal requirements.

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Headlight Testing Technology

See and be seen: Headlight testing technology provides the user with information about the horizontal and vertical positioning of vehicle headlamps and their projection intensity. Headlight testing enables headlamps to be aligned in accordance with legal or manufacturer-specific requirements.

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