product details / scope of delivery

Side-slip tester, checks the axle geometry within seconds
while passed over by vehicle up to 4 t axle load

Specially suitable for car reception, diagnostic and PTI test
for heavy vehicles such as SUVs, off-roaders or vans and
higher vehicle throughput

Fully automatic evaluation of deviation in m/km

In combination with CONNECT Web client:
Automatic display on respective terminal device

device, PC,) when vehicle drives onto tester,

including evaluation in m/km


  • Side-slip tester C_MINC 4.0
  • Self-supporting frame with movable test plate incl. vulcanised rubber pad
  • High-quality powder coating: anthracite grey, RAL 7016

Scope of delivery:

  • Side-slip tester C_MINC 4.0 floor assembly
  • Prepared for connection to CONNECT test lane


Technical Documentation

Operating Instructions

Technical Data

Technical data:

Axle load4000 kg
Measurement range+/- 20 m/km
Test speed5 - 7 km/h
Floor assembly dimensions (H x W x L)80 x 1020 x 460 mm