UK Truck & Plant case study (United Kingdom/Bedfordshire ) partner: Premier Pits

After opening a seven-acre site in February 2020, MAHA UK was called in by UK Truck & Plant, a customer that wanted to develop its business by bringing MOTs in-house.

The ability to offer MOTs, as well as facilitate preventative maintenance inspections, thanks to a multi-purpose pit, meant the customer in Bedfordshire would be more profitable and efficient, not to mention the platform to win more tenders.

Employing the services of one of MAHA UK’s subcontractors, Premier Pits, an experienced team cut and broke out the existing floor, excavated and installed the pit. MAHA UK’s MBT 7250 EUROSYSTEM brake tester, as well as the MLT 1000 headlight tester and LMS 20/2 axle play detector, were then fitted.

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Following the installation, Sarah Weller, one of the owners of UK Truck & Plant, said: “We were spending a lot of money on subcontracting MOTs, not to mention losing members of staff hours at a time and the cost of fuel and maintenance, so once the foundations were laid and decision was taken, we set about the task of finding the right supplier – and with MAHA UK, we couldn’t have been happier.”



UK Truck & Plant case study

Brake tester



Headlight Tester


MLT 1000

Axle play detector


LMS 20/2

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