AUTOHAUS GEISSER (Germany/Karlsruhe) partner: Rolf Schaub GmbH

MAHA first had some involvement with this project in 2015. The client, Autohaus Geisser in Karlsruhe, was very keen to have MAHA in-ground lifts in its new dealership location. MAHA’s partner, Rolf Schaub GmbH based in Mühlacker, sparked the client’s enthusiasm for MAHA lifts. The sales team, the product managers, engineers from R&D, as well as MAHA’s specialist Construction Engineering department, conducted a feasibility study on the sandy surface on site. Once approved by MAHA, the architect was instructed on how the installation boxes should be sunk into the sand base. First of all, the sandy ground had to be removed, and a base plate had to be created onto which the boxes would then be placed and installed in pre-fabricated quivers.

  • Independent Workshops

A geometer was then used to align them with millimetre precision, before the quivers were concreted one step at a time. In total, 26 installation boxes were precisely positioned and brought to the correct height in this way. Once the quivers had been pulled out, the foundations could finally be filled with sand and the workshop area was built around the installation boxes.

MAHA’s partner Rolf Schaub GmbH also supplied and installed the complete oil supply and disposal system, as well as the compressor and exhaust system for the new car dealership. All departments involved in this project demonstrated their competence and exceptionally strong performance, producing a really impressive overall result (which the client was more than satisfied with) in great cooperation with MAHA’s local partner despite the difficult general conditions on the sandy base. This success was instrumental in MAHA being involved in the implementation of another new build that Autohaus Geisser is planning in Heidelberg.






Two Cylinder Lifting Device

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Break Tester



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One Cylinder Lifting Device

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