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Rogers Vehicle Servicing, a division of Rogers Civil Engineering (RCE), recently embarked on a journey. It expanded its operations and services to establish a dedicated workshop facility. At the heart of this renovation was the installation of MAHA UK equipment, a decision that has proved instrumental in propelling RVS towards its goals.


Wisbech, 20th February 2024. RVS sought to enhance its vehicle servicing capabilities to accommodate both internal fleet maintenance, such as diagnostics, servicing, PMIs, MOTs, as well as service the general public. 

Step forward MAHA UK: it was employed to “project manage” the makeover, which included the installation of an ATF lane, including pit, MBT 7250 EUROSYSTEM commercial brake tester, MLT 1000 headlight tester and LMS 20.2 axle play detectors, as well as two-post lifts, the MA STAR 3.5 and 5.5.

Rogers Civil Engineering Director, Natalie Birch, said: “We outgrew our existing facility with our expanding fleet. Also, we used to have to travel miles for servicing and testing – it was always in the middle of the day too. That meant vehicle downtime, which wasn't practical for the business. 

“We needed to upsize; we had a defined plan to increase from our in-house facility to a larger venue to create a standalone business, offering services at a larger scale and to external customers. Thankfully we found an ideal location, situated very close to RCE, but we didn’t have experience in running a commercial garage and the equipment. That’s when we engaged with MAHA UK. Now, we can work at night, reduce downtime and offer a larger menu of services in the process.”

Trusting the professionals

The partnership between RVS and MAHA UK was built on their shared desire of quality. RVS sought equipment that would embody that, which would allow the company to roll-out the aforementioned services within the workshop. 

Natalie revealed: “We went out to competitive tender... but MAHA was the standout choice. We also received recommendations from industry insiders and even competitors that had utilised MAHA UK’s services before – it was a unanimous verdict. We were confident with our choice.” 

And has that choice been vindicated? Natalie replied: “MAHA UK is at the premium end of the market, so ‘premium’ is what we expected. Thankfully, the decision to choose MAHA UK has been validated by the quality, reliability and accuracy of the equipment, as well as the support throughout the installation process.”

Military precision

That sentiment is echoed by Keith Evans, a consultant for RCE, who oversaw the day-to-day installation. He explained that MAHA UK’s experience, knowledge and guidance proved “invaluable”, as RVS navigated the complexities of transitioning into the vehicle servicing and testing sector.

Not only was RVS investing in a new industry, but Keith, following a 26-year career in the military, was also new to the sector – but he was able to apply accrued skills from his past in this particular project, such as organisational and leadership. His journey from the military to project management positioned him perfectly to tackle the challenge of spearheading RVS’ transformation. 

Keith enjoyed the experience and thanked MAHA UK for supporting RVS from start-to-finish: “MAHA UK’s reputation proceeds the name… Selecting MAHA UK was a no-brainer. The team, namely Luke Fuller, made the process simpler than we thought it would be, and the equipment looks great. 

“Furthermore, MAHA UK has stuck to its promises; after-sales support was vital for us, and, so far, the responsiveness and efficiency in addressing any teething problems has been superb. If there’s a need of a solution, whether that be a phone call to the office or engineer to come out to visit, we have always received a response within 24 hours – sometimes the same day! You can’t ask for better than that.”

MAHA UK Regional Sales Executive, Luke Fuller, said: “From initial discussions with the team at RCE (RVS), it was clear that they manage a forward thinking and ever evolving business. Experts in their field, but keen to expand their knowledge as they embarked on a project of this size. 

“We always received warm and friendly hospitality whenever at its brilliant, newly refurbished site. From the initially planning meeting, to drawing approvals and civil works discussions, all the team at RCE have been great to work with. The site looks absolutely fantastic; it has the equipment and expertise to serve its own vehicles as well as the public’s. 

“I want to take this opportunity to thank all the directors at RCE, as well as Keith who I dealt with on the ‘day to day’, for their trust in us and myself. At MAHA UK, we truly believe that we don’t just provide the highest quality equipment, but we enter into a long term partnership built on reliability and trust.”

Now and in the future 

Since the installation, RVS has experienced a smooth transition into the vehicle servicing arena, now offering extended opening hours and enhanced services to meet customer needs. And as RVS continues to grow and evolve, with potential plans for more expansion on its radar, its partnership with MAHA UK is likely to be a long-term one and integral to further success. 

Would RVS recommend MAHA UK? Natalie responded: “This was a huge investment; it was a little daunting, given we weren’t immersed in the automotive industry, but MAHA UK made it easy for us. Yes, we would recommend MAHA UK!”