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  • Brake Testing Technology

Suitable for class 4 and 7 vehicles, as well as one of the approved pieces of equipment for MOTs by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), MAHA UK’s 2250 EUROSYSTEM is the perfect addition to any workshop looking to invest in quality and DVSA approved equipment.

Cambridgeshire, 9th June 2022 As it’s for class 4 and 7 vehicles, the MBT 2250 EUROSYSTEM is appropriate for cars and vans with an axle load up to 3.5t. Built for high volume and repeatability, MOT testers and technicians can be assured of a product that will give them consistent and clear results.

After racking up a quarter of a century as a UK subsidiary of MAHA, the manufacturer is acutely aware of the need and demands from existing or prospective customers for reliability, longevity and accuracy.

For instance, the MBT 2250 EUROSYSTEM is fitted with a consistent speed motor. These motors/gearboxes are assembled in house and designed to withstand extreme torque and stress – giving a longer lifespan of the assembly.

EUORSYSTEM offers a one-stop shop

The MBT 2250 and EUROSYSTEM come hand-in-hand – but what is EUROSYSTEM?

EUROSYSTEM controls the brake tester, but where this intuitive software comes into its own is that it can access, test and report tests from other modules, allowing the MBT 2250 to transform into an all-encompassing workshop platform:

  • Headlight tester, such as the MAHA MLT 3000
  • Sideslip mat

MAHA UK Sales Manager, Nick Austin, explained: “EUROSYSTEM comes as standard on all our brake testers and is one of our unique selling points. Its user-friendly software and on-screen graphics allow the technician to get on with the job quickly and, considering it can be used on several workshop stations, get on with the job efficiently.

“EUROSYSTEM configures a test report, including all the measurement and evaluation results of the tests performed, onto one single print-out. Ultimately, EUROSYSTEM turns MAHA UK’s brake testers into futureproof workshop test and diagnostics platforms, making life easier for the user.”

Relationship with Garage Equipment Association (GEA)

 The criteria for meeting DVSA specification is becoming more stringent; therefore, MAHA UK needs to stay on top of its game to ensure everything required to be ‘green coded’ – equipment that is current and fully compatible for use in MOT sites – is met, like up-to-date technical requirements, calibration, level of instruction manual and identification.

The GEA upholds industry standards by handling the approval process on behalf of the DVSA, and MAHA UK is in regular dialogue with the GEA to help maintain its own standards and, therefore, offer the best equipment and service to workshops.

There is a list of approved DVSA roller brake testers on the GEA website.