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Staying on top of regulatory requirements is non-negotiable, and MAHA UK has taken a significant leap forward with the recent DVSA approval of its updated EUROSYSTEM V8 software. This endorsement solidifies MAHA UK's commitment to compliance with the latest Authorised Testing Facility (ATF) mandatory requirements.

Wisbech, 26th February 2024. The EUROSYSTEM V8 software update goes beyond ensuring the continued compliance of MAHA ATF lanes, which includes the MBT 7250 brake tester, MLT 3000 headlight alignment tester, and LMS 20.0 axle play detectors. These lanes are also adaptable to the dynamic traits of modern-day tests.

For instance, the EUROSYSTEM V8 updates streamline testing processes, allowing inspectors to personalise tests with their names, provide detailed printouts categorising deficiencies, advisories, and notes, and implement significant procedural changes, such as hydraulic fall-off calculation for rear ax-les and automatic PDF export for efficient documentation.

Furthermore, these updates are offered at a competitive industry price, highlighting MAHA UK’s eagerness for customers to upgrade their equipment promptly. While acknowledging that certain updates may require a replacement PC based on age or system compatibility, MAHA UK sees this as a proactive investment, guaranteeing that ATF lanes seamlessly align with the latest guidelines.

MAHA UK Managing Director, Neil Ebbs, emphasised the significance of this milestone: “Our EUROSYSTEM V8 software – and subsequent DVSA approval – demonstrates our commitment to providing our customers with the most up-to-date, modern and, vitally, compliant ATF lane equipment.”

Get to know EUROSYSTEM
The EUROSYSTEM is a flagship software product designed by MAHA. It seamlessly integrates various vehicle test equipment and measuring devices while facilitating the implementation of vehicle test sequences for Periodic Technical Inspections (PTIs).

Connections: Seamless connectivity is key. Technicians can connect their MAHA UK equipment with its V8, meaning less hassle in operation, smoother workflows, and streamlined data processing.

Individuality: EUROSYSTEM V8 is designed for user-friendliness with a quick and efficient display. It’s like having a high-tech dashboard right at the fingertips, presenting all the vital information needed.

Mobility: Let the information come! EUROSYSTEM V8 supports mobile solutions, even on tablets, allowing users to access details inside the vehicle and display information on multiple workstations in a test lane – a portable command centre tailored to individual needs.

Reporting: Knowledge is power – and MAHA UK’s test reports provide all the information needed. They’re fast, accurate and to the point. Customers can be spoken to confidently, showing them exactly where action is needed.

MAHA UK’s EUROSYSTEM V8 software represents a blend of compliance and innovation, ensuring that ATF lanes equipped with this software not only meet but exceed the expectations of evolving industry standards. 

As MAHA UK continues to lead the way in providing modern solutions, EUROSYSTEM V8 is another example of its commitment to customer satisfaction and the advancement of ATF lane equipment. Upgrading to EUROSYTEM V8 allows workshops to enter a new era in vehicle inspections.

To ensure compliance, contact MAHA UK’s service department – – or await the next calibration.