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MAHA UK, a prominent player in the MOT testing and inspection arena, has expressed its support for the Department for Transport’s decision to uphold the current frequencies of MOT inspections.


Wisbech, 25th January 2024. This judgement reinforces, not only the significance of vehicle integrity and safety, but also the importance of resolving potential vehicle issues promptly and ensuring vehicles meet necessary safety standards.

This message aligns with MAHA UK’s own mission to provide DVSA-approved workshop equipment that prioritises safety and compliance. Its MBT 2250 roller brake tester, for example, is one of the approved pieces of equipment for MOTs. It is suitable for both class IV and VII vehicles, as well as class I and II.

MAHA UK Managing Director, Neil Ebbs, said: “Extending the MOT frequency could have increased the number of vehicles, in a non-roadworthy condition, on our roads; therefore, we welcome the news that the 3:1:1 will remain unchanged. 

“Vehicle and roadworthiness are paramount; therefore, maintaining the current inspection frequency is a positive step towards supporting this.”

MAHA UK remains committed to supporting initiatives that enhance the effectiveness and relevance of automotive testing processes. 

It also extends its appreciation to the Department for Transport for its diligence in considering various perspectives and maintaining a collaborative approach towards the development of policies that impact the automotive sector.