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The success story continues and is far from over. Following the introduction of its latest two-post lift, the MA STAR triple safety***** for vehicles with up to 3.5 tonnes total weight, the lift specialist MAHA is now also launching its “big brother” for cars and vans with up to 5.5 tonnes total weight. Further variants are being planned.


Haldenwang, 23 March 2021. Since March 2021, it's not “Big Brother is watching you” in Haldenwang, but "Big Brother is lifting you". For the developers from Haldenwang in the Allgäu region, it was clear from the outset that the big brother for cars and vans would follow as the next step in expanding the product range.

Just like the MA STAR 3.5, the "Big Brother" with a load capacity of 5.5 tonnes has the triple safety feature. This is ensured by the proven spindle nut package with self-locking thread, the unique "giraffe" nut breakage detection system developed by MAHA and the motor brake integrated as standard. The MA STAR 5.5 is also distinguished by the well-known five stars.

Five stars for five outstanding features:
*    A sturdy and solid design
*    Safe usability
*    Simple maintenance and service
*    Simple installation
*    Intuitive operation

As usual, the customer can choose from numerous additional options. These include the LED illumination or the 5.5 specific wheel fork supports for special and electric vehicles, which allow unrestricted access to the underside of the vehicle and thus facilitate the removal and installation of vehicle batteries. These supports are also ideal for municipal vehicles such as street sweepers, which often do not have mounting points for support arms.

MA STAR 3.5 in use worldwide
The MA STAR 3.5 got off to a brilliant start last year. This lift is already in use at several hundred locations in Germany. The Schall car dealership in Dornstadt, for example, had eight new MA STAR triple safety***** two-post lifts installed at once in October 2020.

“As of today, we have received more than 1,000 orders from home and abroad. The high demand and also the positive feedback from the customers are the best confirmation for us. Without a doubt, our customers and sales partners in Germany are our top customers, followed by Sweden, Taiwan, Australia, Poland and the Czech Republic, to name but a few”, reports Managing Director Stefan Fuchs.

The “Big Brother”, the MA STAR with 5.5 tonnes load capacity, can be ordered from the end of March 2021. If you do not yet have a contact person at MAHA, you can easily search on the web-site by postcode, city, country or even directly via the interactive world map for the right contact, the responsible sales partner or the nearest MAHA branch. Link to website:

The MAHA SERVICE CENTER team is also ready at any time to install the brand new two-post lifts at the customer's site – in compliance with hygiene regulations. Thanks to the “plug and play” technology for the supply lines, the swivelling cable bridge and the plug-in connections on the board for the sensors and options, quick and trouble-free installation is possible. If the customer still requires technical support, the MAHA SERVICE CENTER team will assist either on site or by telephone. In addition, digital support solutions via video and online training courses from the MAHA TRAINING CENTER are increasingly being offered.


Extensive product details, technical data and much more information about the MA STAR 5.5 can also be found on our website under the following links:

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MAHA's extensive portfolio offers the right lift for every vehicle: from passenger cars to vans to large commercial vehicles. You can find the complete range at the following link:

As an extension of the product line, MAHA is also planning the MA STAR triple safety***** with 6.5 tonnes load capacity. Production is scheduled to start in the fourth quarter of 2021.