FPS Albolote Spanien 2

FPS 2700

Roller Function Tester

VP 230020

  • Transient emission testing for accurate analysis and measurement of emissions for vehicles under load (in conjunction with MAHA emission testers)
  • Precise power measurement with manual input of ambient data for standard power projection
  • Optimum reproducibility of results always guaranteed
  • Option of in-ground or surface-mounted installation (foundation required for in-ground installation)
  • Optional connection of MAHA exhaust gas measuring instruments MGT 5, MDO 2 LON and MET 6

  • Graphic display of wheel power, drag power, standard engine power and torque
  • Discrete measurement using speed
  • Print-out in graphic and tabular form for accurate logged evaluation and analysis
  • Tachometer testing with up to ten freely selectable test points
  • Performance measurement (wheel power) possible in the operation modes:
    ○ constant speed
    ○ constant tractive force

  • Determination of wheel power, power dissipation, engine power and torque
  • Evaluation of performance diagrams via cursor function with digital display of measuring values at cursor position

  • Varnished with high-quality powder coating:
    ○ gentian blue, RAL 5010 (frame)
    ○ Ruby red , RAL 3003 (rollers)

Standard Delivery:

  • Self-supporting closed roller set frame
  • Pneumatic lifting bar
  • Electric eddy-current brake
  • Control of the tester via serial interface RS 232
  • 10 m connection cable PC/laptop - function tester roller set

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Technical data
Axle load2700 kg
Track width736 mm - 2438 mm
Min. testable wheel diameter330 mm
Roller diameter217 mm
Test speed max.200 km/h
Wheel power max.260 kW
Tractive force max.6000 N
Measurement accuracy wheel power measurement (from measured value) +/-3 %
Acceleration mode2700 kg
Fuse gG20 A
Power supply1/N/PE 230 V 50 Hz
Dimensions roller set (L x W x H)3539 mm x 930 mm x 725 mm
Dimensions packaging (L x W x H)4000 mm x 1100 mm x 1000 mm
Compressed air, lifting bar6 bar - 10 bar
Weight1250 kg
Weight incl. packaging1350 kg
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