MBT 2100 Touareg VA

MBT 2100

Roller-Brake-Tester up to 3000 kg axle load

VP 210084

Plug and Play roller brake tester with analogue display for cars and vans with an axle load of up to 3000 kg

  • Easy and efficient installation thanks to Plug and Play Preparation with 12 m cable harness including plug
  • Control integrated in roller set makes a separate switch cabinet superfluous (depending on equipment)
  • Flat and lightweight display for various installation options
  • When used with the optional lifting device, perfectly suitable for checking multi-axle car trailers.

  • Comprehensive package of functions for professional testing, such as:
    ○ Delayed automatic switch-on after entering the tester
    ○ Automatic start-up monitoring supplied as standard to avoid tyre damage
    ○ Automatic slip cut-off with pointer stop and automatic restart already included as standard
    ○ Automatic exiting aid supplied as standard to enable the driven axles to conveniently exit the tester
    ○ Automatic cut-off after exiting the tester

  • Robust and long-lasting design due to:
    ○ Electronic, temperature-compensated strain gauge system for highly precise measurement results under all environmental conditions
    ○ Roller surface welded
    ○ Optional, free plastic coating on the test rollers
    ○ 32-bit microprocessor electronics for process control and monitoring of all the safety functions
    ○ RS 232 interface connection
    ○ Splash-proof motors work reliably, even under high-stress environmental influences
    ○ Weighted test rollers with groove ball bearings ensure maximum precision and complete driving comfort and guarantee a long service life for the entire tester
    ○ Internationally recognised TÜV certificate as per issue 9/2011 of the Verkehrsblatt [German Transport Gazette]
    ○ RS 2 roller set design
    ○ Self-supporting closed roller set
    ○ Hot-dip galvanized design

Standard Delivery:

  • Analogue display with two pointer indicators for brake force and optical LED differential display
  • MBT 2000 RS 2 roller set with integrated switch cabinet and preparation for weighing equipment

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MBT 2100
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Technical data
Axle load (can be driven over)3000 kg
Track width780 mm - 2200 mm
Test speed5 km/h
Measurement value display0 N - 6000 N
Roller diameter202 mm
Roller axle distance400 mm
Motor power2 x 3 kW
Fuse gG25 A
Power supply3/N/PE 400 V 50 Hz
Analog scale diameter2 x 350 mm
Dimensions of display unit (H x W x D)470 mm x 840 mm x 100 mm
Dimensions roller set (L x W x H)2320 mm x 680 mm x 280 mm
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