3M SE-402 frei 2

3M SE-402

Noise Level Meter

VP 185057

  • Measuring device, grade 2
  • Standards: ANSI S1.43-1997(R2007), ANSI S1.4-1983 (R2006), IEC 61672-1(2003), IEC 61010-1(2010), IEC 61000-4-2(2008), IEC 61000-4-3(2008)
  • Digital display with 0.1 dB resolution
  • Ports: AC/DC Output, USB
  • Frequency weighting: 'A', 'C', 'Z'
  • Meter response: Fast and Slow
  • System of Protection: IP65

3M SE-402
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Technical data
Measurement range30 dB(A) - 140 dB(A)
Ambient temperature-10 °C - 50 °C
Storage temperature-20 °C - 60 °C
Dimensions total (L x W x H)284 mm x 71 mm x 33 mm
Weight0.38 kg
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