VZM 300

Deceleration Measurement Unit

VP 185016

  • Type-approval certificated under German law (PTB)
  • Printer casing with keyboard and digital display
  • Fast matrix printer with graphics print-out
  • Piezo-electrical deceleration sensor
  • Control and measuring electronics
  • Electrical adjustment of equipment by means of a digital display
  • Gyroscopic sensor for automatic compensation of testing error caused by the pitching action of the vehicle
  • Connector for pedal force meter and pressure and traction converter
  • RS 232 interface to PC with data transmission to standard spreadsheet analysis software
  • Accu-recharger
  • Spare roll of paper approx. 15 m
  • Sturdy plastic carrying case

Technical data
Measurement range braking deceleration0 m/s² - 20 m/s²
On-board voltage12 V / 24 V
Measurement range pedal force0 N - 1 N
Measurement range tractive force0 N - 20 N
Measurement range pressure0 bar - 20 bar
Battery6 V / 1.8 Ah
Power supply unit230 V / 15 V
Measuring accuracy +/-1 %
Dimensions total (L x W x H)245 mm x 124 mm x 55 mm
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